Friday, 3 June 2011


Al Jamals's gift for the menstuff hunt

Al Jamal for the menstuff hunt, june 3:rd

Even in the most sparse desert of
dried earthen tears
you've cried in sumptuous rivers
of divine wrath
you are like the most precious gem

Wild and untamed, unleashed your
destructible wrath
and then again sleeping, peaceful
like a child in my arms
not knowing of good and bad

But your eyes are made of flames
of the sun's eerie glow
in nights long forgotten by
mankind's mind
your breath hot and steamy

As your powerful scream touches
my crawling flesh
As you tremble and moan to
erupt with feverish might
and leave nothing but ashes

My god of fire.

Al Jamal for the menstuff hunt, june 3:rd