Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Al Jamal - Cadr

You shall battle
for me
in the Highlands
of our affection, you said
through the thunder and rain
through darkness and pain

the weapons I gave you
will protect your heart
will be your shield
to keep you from dying
in these wastelands of
heather and soil, being

your scents engraved
in my mind forever
the river's soft murmurs
your loving whisper
and the moon's shine
your diamond taste on my craving


Al Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - Cadr
These striking silks with their bright turquoise fabric and polished copper plates are actually pierced to your body.

The set includes loincloth, chestplate, armbands, leg bands, harness and underwear.

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Al Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - Cadr