Thursday, 22 December 2011

Al Jamal - Babylon silks

Silk Loincloths: 90L
Harness + chestpiece: 65L
three versions of the loincloth incl; one belt, both belts and belt only.
harness on all layers, prim chestpiece
8 colours available Al Jamal - Babylon silks Al Jamal - Babylon silks Al Jamal - Babylon silks

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Al Jamal - Einar

Al Jamal - Einar by Photos Nikolaidis
Al Jamal - Einar, a photo by Photos Nikolaidis on Flickr.

This collar and armbands are available in brown at The Gorean room from today and until the end of the month.

For our group, we also made a set in blue as a gift. Hope you enjoy it!

<3 Storm & Pho

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Al Jamal - Jazu

Al Jamal - Jazu by Photos Nikolaidis
Al Jamal - Jazu, a photo by Photos Nikolaidis on Flickr.

The dark spell binds me to you
my arcane lover
spirit of the forsaken
with your heart cold as ice
and eyes that speak of doom
as you utter your demands into the night.

Silks in black metal and fur, with plates pierced directly onto your body.

Includes loncloth, chestplate, arm and leg-cuffs, harness and underwear.

mod/trans, low lag resize hud. 190L

Al Jamal - JazuAl Jamal - JazuAl Jamal - Jazu

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Al Jamal - Cadr

You shall battle
for me
in the Highlands
of our affection, you said
through the thunder and rain
through darkness and pain

the weapons I gave you
will protect your heart
will be your shield
to keep you from dying
in these wastelands of
heather and soil, being

your scents engraved
in my mind forever
the river's soft murmurs
your loving whisper
and the moon's shine
your diamond taste on my craving


Al Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - Cadr
These striking silks with their bright turquoise fabric and polished copper plates are actually pierced to your body.

The set includes loincloth, chestplate, armbands, leg bands, harness and underwear.

Mod & Transfer
Al Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - CadrAl Jamal - Cadr

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Al Jamal presents this months themed silks - Tsiatsan

[al jamal - tsiatsan silks]

Meaning "rainbow" these silks are made out of hundreds of rainbow coloured beads, silver and an almost fluorescent looking fabric.

Al Jamal - Tsiatsan silks

The set includes a loincloth, shoulderpiece, arm & legstraps, plus a matching thong.

All pieces are mod/transfer and the prim parts contains a deletable resize script for easier fitting.


Get them here

Friday, 3 June 2011


Al Jamals's gift for the menstuff hunt

Al Jamal for the menstuff hunt, june 3:rd

Even in the most sparse desert of
dried earthen tears
you've cried in sumptuous rivers
of divine wrath
you are like the most precious gem

Wild and untamed, unleashed your
destructible wrath
and then again sleeping, peaceful
like a child in my arms
not knowing of good and bad

But your eyes are made of flames
of the sun's eerie glow
in nights long forgotten by
mankind's mind
your breath hot and steamy

As your powerful scream touches
my crawling flesh
As you tremble and moan to
erupt with feverish might
and leave nothing but ashes

My god of fire.

Al Jamal for the menstuff hunt, june 3:rd

Monday, 25 April 2011

New freebie, new releases & group gift!

Hello, lovely people!

There's lots of new stuff coming to you from Al Jamal, including gifts and freebies!
Starting with the new releases, we have...

1) the Tasbih silks:
Ankle-long silk loincloth with a belt of silver- and engraved gem-pearls in 8 soft
colours, mod/transfer with resize script and matching thong for 95 L$ each.

2) the Daeva harnesses:
New harnesses that hug your torso like wrapped bands of precious silk in a
gentle, curvy fashion, coming in 8 colours, mod/transfer in all layers for 60 L$

Al Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih, details

As a group-freebie for Easter, members of our inworld group will receive an exclusive colour of the Daeva-harness! Al Jamal - Daeva harness groupgift

And as if that wasn't enough, we have changed our freebie in store as well: if you stop by, you can snatch up the beautiful El Matareya loincloth, vibrant purple silks, adorned with rose quartz, amethyst and pearl. Al Jamal - Matareya, freebie!

We hope to see you soon! <3

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Al Jamal - Daeva, themed silks for April

Once a demi-god, now reduced to a nature spirit and a demon, with nothing left to do but tempting man, roaming Mount Demavand through eternity.

Al Jamal - Daeva, themed silks for April

Incl. Loincloth, harness, thong, armbands and anklets.

Al Jamal - Daeva, themed silks for April

Al Jamal - Daeva, themed silks for April

Monday, 21 February 2011

Samarkand's Dawn

Samarkand's Dawn - Al Jamal February silksThemed silks for february

What shall we tell you? Tales, marvellous tales
Of ships and stars and isles where good men rest,
Where nevermore the rose of sunset pales,
And winds and shadows fall towards the West

Samarkand's Dawn - Al Jamal February silksSamarkand's Dawn - Al Jamal February silks 

Includes loincloth, shawl, arm and legwraps, + thong.

Samarkand's Dawn - Al Jamal February silks

Monday, 17 January 2011

My pearl

Al Jamal - January silks

With your oceanic eyes
and the glitter of salt in
your silken mane of seaweed
you are my pearl

precious one

your flawless bedding of pink
protected by my arms' strong shell
year after year
we're growing together

to a lullaby whispered by
the surrounding waves.

Al Jamal - January silks

Mother of Pearl - Themed silks for January

- harness
- thong
- loincloth
- arm and legbands
- message holder
- chestpiece
- giftbox

Al Jamal - January silks

resize scripted
all layers

Al Jamal - January silks