Monday, 25 April 2011

New freebie, new releases & group gift!

Hello, lovely people!

There's lots of new stuff coming to you from Al Jamal, including gifts and freebies!
Starting with the new releases, we have...

1) the Tasbih silks:
Ankle-long silk loincloth with a belt of silver- and engraved gem-pearls in 8 soft
colours, mod/transfer with resize script and matching thong for 95 L$ each.

2) the Daeva harnesses:
New harnesses that hug your torso like wrapped bands of precious silk in a
gentle, curvy fashion, coming in 8 colours, mod/transfer in all layers for 60 L$

Al Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih and DaevaAl Jamal - Tasbih, details

As a group-freebie for Easter, members of our inworld group will receive an exclusive colour of the Daeva-harness! Al Jamal - Daeva harness groupgift

And as if that wasn't enough, we have changed our freebie in store as well: if you stop by, you can snatch up the beautiful El Matareya loincloth, vibrant purple silks, adorned with rose quartz, amethyst and pearl. Al Jamal - Matareya, freebie!

We hope to see you soon! <3

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