Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Al Jamal - Wyvern silks

We're back, and our latest release are the very detailed Wyvern silks - sturdy, hammered metal, precious gems you might find inside of a dragon's treasure and the finest fabrics for your wearing-pleasure!

Al Jamal - Wyvern silks
Available in 8, brand-new silk colours, you can purchase the chest-piece (incl. silk harness), the armband (incl. silk bands for the biceps) and the georgeous dragon belt (incl. silk thong) separately to mix and match the shades.

Harness: 65 L$
Armbands: 40 L$
Dragonbelt: 100 L$

All items are mod and transfer for easy gifting! <3
Al Jamal - Wyvern silksAl Jamal - Wyvern silksAl Jamal - Wyvern silksAl Jamal - Wyvern silks

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